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 Movement Miami - MoMi

Our mission, is to stimulate creativity and develop physical, mental, emotional, and social skills in young children through movement and music.

Movement Miami, provides exceptional creative movement and dance training for students from Pre-K 3 through 5th grade. This program provides an introduction to dance and movement experience for children ages 3-11 years old.

Movement Miami will offer after school classes in which students will be encouraged to explore creative movement and dance in a safe, nurturing, positive, and structured environment. Quality training by dedicated and supportive teachers allows young children to explore movement while engaging in physical fitness exercises specially geared for young children.

Students will learn the basic etiquette associated with dance training such as the values of respect, responsibility, hard work, and perseverance. These are principles that can be carried out and applied in the students’ academic, and eventually professional futures.

Classes will consist of no more than 15 students and will take place at the school in an air conditioned room free of furniture or objects that would interfere with space required to deliver the class. Each class is scheduled to begin on time for the length of 50 minutes.

Classes will consist of two 15-minute technique, strength, and stretch segments and end with two 10-minute creativity and learning segments.

Some examples of the technique within the Movement Miami curriculum are Stretching, Foot positions, Arm positions, Coordination training, Balance training, and Strength training

Students will also enhance their creativity by working with props, colors, shapes, music, and imagination. 

Movement Miami will ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and work together in a cohesive and creative atmosphere where they can explore movement and the arts in a supportive environment.

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